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If you're suffering from any of these symptoms, I can help, it's time to get the support you need

Hot flushes or night sweats

Menopause Symptoms

Perimenopausal Symptoms

Postmenopausal Symptoms


Heavy or painful periods

Digestive issues

Endometriosis or PCOS

Adrenal fatigue

Mood swings

Brain fog or memory loss

Anxiety or depression

Weight gain


Headaches or migraines

Thyroid issues

Alison Cara Bladh Nutritional therapist
Meet Alison
I am a BANT, CNHC and NMTF registered Nutritional Therapist who has a honours Bachelor's degree in Science.
I help busy, time poor women who have lost their sparkle to feel , look and be fabulous through the power of nutrition and lifestyle modifications. I believe that every women has the right to a healthy happy midlife.
I specialise in women's health. Helping women regain control of their health and vitality through the Menopausal Stages and beyond. Empowering women to live happier healthier lives.
I am passionate about helping you to reclaim your health through evidence based nutritional and lifestyle modifications. Helping you to achieve peak health and wellness through a combination of personalised dietary strategies and lifestyle modifications such as rest, exercise and stress reduction.
My approach to Nutritional Therapy is based on the Functional Medicine Model, which seeks to address root causes of illness rather than merely managing symptoms.

I offer consultations both in English and in Swedish.

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