About Alison

Natural Medicine

My food philosophy focuses on good ingredients, simple cooking methods and a variety of foods.

My Journey:


Hello, My name is Alison and I am a registered Nutritional Therapist. I am passionate about empowering people to reclaim their health through realistic evidence based nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm in Southern England which gave me a great love for nature and the outdoor life and on top of that my mother was a professional chef who allowed me from a very young age to help and watch her in the kitchen. This was the beginning of my love for food.

I have travelled extensively and lived in different parts of the world. This has given me the opportunity to experience different cultures, cuisines and lifestyles.

Having had a career in the health and beauty industry for many years, I was always amazed to see how simple lifestyle and nutritional changes could improve not only people’s health and well-being but also their happiness. Throughout my career journey my underlying passion has always been about health and nutrition. It gives me great pleasure to help people overcome their health issues so that they can look and feel better. I truly believe that with good nutritious food and lifestyle choices the body can heal itself. My aim is to focus on positive nutrition - it's not about restriction, it's about what we can include in our diet for maximum health.

Having overcome my own health issues, I really do understand how my clients feel when they first come to see me. I work very closely with my clients to ensure that they take positive steps to a healthier life. Clients often lack confidence and may often feel very daunted at the prospect of making changes. As a nutritional therapist I support and give my clients the tools to be able to maintain long-term health with renewed confidence and enthusiasm. I combine my understanding, enthusiasm and passion with my love of food to help people become the best versions of themselves.

When I'm not at work I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, being in the kitchen and experimenting with new recipe ideas. I am also a keen scuba diver, golfer, hiker, bee keeper and enjoy being in the great outdoors.

Key areas where Nutritional Therapy can help:

Weight management

Hormonal health

Maintain vitality and energy

Optimising the immune system

Digestive wellness

Younger looking skin

Hair care

Improve specific health issues

A diagnosed medical condition

A desire to boost energy or performance (mental or physical)

A determination to prevent future health problems.

Better Sleep

Better concentration and focus

Whatever people come for, they often report these extra benefits:

Increased energy

Better mood

Better concentration and focus

More restful sleep

Improved memory

Healthy, glowing skin and hair

Weight control

Less aches and pains

My Qualifications:

Being a nutritional therapist means lifelong learning and further education. Weekly publications of new scientific and medical studies and the latest findings in the field of nutrition and the human body requires that I am constantly aware and open for new information and suitably adapt changes to my work. Nutritional recommendations, guidelines or current frameworks of an optimal diet are ever changing and my work and mission is to always provide services that are safe, effective and based on the latest research in the area of nutrition and health.


  • I have a Bachelor of Science degree (Hons) from the University of West London. 

  • Foundation Degree Chemistry CNELM (Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management)

  • Foundation Degree Biology CNELM (Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management)

  • I am a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)

  • I am a member of The Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

  • Member of the British Menopause Society

  • Member of The Institute for Functional Medicine

  • I am a member of The Nutritional Medicine Therapists Organisation (NäringsMedicinska Terapeutförbundet) (NMTF)

  • I am a member of Nutritionistföreningen in Sweden (Nutritionist Association)

  • Member of the Nordic Nutrition Council

  • Member of CIDESCO International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie.

 To ensure safe practice, I am fully insured.