During a consultation we work together to get to the root of your health problems and goals. Outside of the consultation I will spend several hours analysing your case and putting together your unique Personal Health Plan. A plan that is achievable for you (and that you are comfortable with) will be put into place to help support you on your road to better health or to reach your health goals whatever they may be. I offer consultations both in English and in Swedish.

Your Personal health plan contains dietary and lifestyle recommendations which require commitment and a desire for change.  I offer consultation packages to ensure the support you need is there while you are establishing new habits.

Key things to remember: 

  • Package contents may vary and change depending on clients needs, wishes, findings and test results

  • Consultations are confidential and clients are required to honestly explain their health concerns so that I am able to suggest a realistic action plan.

  • If you are on medications or suffering from an illness that requires medical care, co-operation with your doctor is advisable to ensure safe practice.

  • All consultations are held online. A link will be sent out to you via email before the appointment.

Discovery Consultation


Complimentary 20 minute consultation

Before we have a nutritional consultation and move forward with your health plan, I offer you a complementary 20 minute telephone chat with you to ensure that my services are appropriate for your needs. After arranging the consultation, you will be emailed a nutritional therapy questionnaire and food diary that covers current health concerns, diet and lifestyle. I kindly ask you to fill this out and email it back in advance of your session. The completed questionnaire should be emailed back at least 3 days (if possible) before your session. This enables me to build a preliminary picture of your health and also gives me an opportunity to research any specifics points raised on the forms where appropriate.

Optimise Your Health and Boost your Energy Package 60 days

Nutritional packages, offer continual support and advice, for the weeks ahead, I have found that this approach, far outweighs, short-term protocols. Being fully supported means you’re more able to achieve and more importantly, maintain your long-term goals. This structured consultation package allows you to obtain more in-depth guidance, continued support and regular contact to allow your plan to be reviewed and adapted as needed.

The package is 60 days and gives you the knowledge and support you need to reach your health goals.

It includes:

Initial consultation: A 90 minute in-depth consultation where we will work together in order to understand the root of your health problems. I will ask questions on subjects such as your eating habits, your cooking skills, food preferences, energy levels, digestive function and stress levels. 

We may also look at potential past trigger events for current symptoms, environmental exposures to toxic metals such as mercury, childhood illnesses, previous hospitalisations, and any past traumas you feel may have an impact on your wellbeing today.

2 x 60 minutes virtual consultations 

Weekly check-ins via phone to support and encourage you

Your own personalised health plan

Dietary Recommendations and guidance

Supplementation suggestions (not included in consultation price)

Functional laboratory testing recommendations where needed (laboratory test fees not included)

Rediscover your Sparkle and Zest for life 30 day package


Have you lost your sparkle? this is quite common for woman in midlife. This 30 day package gives you the support and encouragement you needs to regain your zest for life.

At the first appointment I go through the nutritional questionnaire in detail, discussing your health concerns and goals, health history, diet, and lifestyle. This information is then used to put together a tailor-made nutritional and lifestyle plan that you.

I aim to work with you to design a manageable programme based on your individual circumstances and needs. Nutritional supplements may also be recommended for specific nutrient imbalances or deficiencies. If a particular condition or symptom requires further investigation, then appropriate biochemical tests may also be recommended at an additional cost. Testing and potential supplements are not included in the consultation price.

I want a nutrition consultation with me to be an engaging experience where you as the client feel comfortable about discussing your health concerns and then we jointly agree on an individualised nutritional and lifestyle programme. Your personalised health plan will be sent via email within 3-5 working days from the initial consultation.

Eat Well to Feel Good Cookery Demonstrations/Workshops

Eat Well to feel good Cookery Demonstrations and Workshops available on request

I aim to inspire you with delicious recipes created with foods to support health and wellbeing.

Personalised Cooking Classes
Fancy improving your skills in the kitchen? Lack the confidence or knowledge to cook from

scratch? Perhaps you would like to learn how to cook for a specific diet? Or simply want to

explore new ways to prepare tasty, nutritious meals from scratch that fit into your busy lifestyle?

One-to-one online or in person cooking classes are available and are personalised to your specific needs. This could involve the basics (making soups or sauces from scratch) or geared towards specific dietary requirements such as dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian or vegan diets. I am here to help you reach optimal health and that starts in the kitchen! 

Group cooking classes
Online group cooking classes are available on request. These are delivered online through Zoom. 


Price on application
Workshops tailored to your business to help employees understand the connection between diet, health and wellbeing. Each employee would take away an action plan to help them make the dietary changes necessary to improve their overall performance with tips to keep them on track.

Cooking Class

What you need to do


Fill in a nutritional questionnaire and food diary prior to the start of the package - questions are designed to gather as much information about you as possible to help create the best programme for you. Everything discussed is strictly confidential.

You need to be willing to embrace new foods and lifestyle ideas, make simple changes and look after yourself. You need to commit fully to the plans.


Ultimately you need to want to feel better.

Please note that children under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian present at all consultations and a declaration must be signed prior to any consultation given.

Nutritional Therapy is not a replacement for medical advice and should you have any symptoms of concern, you should contact your doctor in the first instance.

Online consultations are available wherever you live in the world.


Please note, all consultations are held online over Zoom or Teams.


Payment is required at the time of booking to secure the appointment and can be made by Bank Transfer, Swish, PayPal via credit or debit card or Bankgiro (in Sweden).

Cancellation Policy


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, I kindly ask that you provide me with at least 24 hours notice. Thank you.