• Alison Cara Bladh ACB Nutrition

Buckwheat Pancakes for all you Pancake lovers

These are my favourite pancakes, buckwheat pancakes. I’ll admit they aren’t the sexiest pancakes around, but they make up for their humble appearance with wonderful flavour and texture. Buckwheat flour is a versatile, nutrient-rich ancient grain. It’s high in fibre and gluten-free and has a delicate, almost nutty flavour all its own.

Thanks to the buckwheat flour, these pancakes are darker in colour but possess a light and airy consistency. The pancakes pair well with berries and fruits or with a healthy swipe of peanut butter or almond butter.


100g Buckwheat groats (blended into a flour)

1 can light coconut milk

1 tsp Matcha powder

1 tbsp milled flaxseed

pinch salt

1 egg (optional)

1-2 tbsp honey

2 tbsp coconut oil


Frozen berries or fruits of your choice

Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pecan nuts or walnuts

Extra matcha to garnish

Peanut butter or a nut butter of your choice to put over the pancakes


Blend all the ingredients plus 1 tbsp coconut oil together in a blender. Allow the mixture to sit for about 20 minutes.

Use the rest of the oil to grease a hot pan. Ladle batches into the pan (about 100 mls at a time). Don't turn until you see bubbles popping on the surface and the pancake comes away easily with a spatula

Pile up your pancakes, garnish with toppings and enjoy

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